About National Emergency Water

National Emergency Water was established to prepare ALL types of businesses for a potential water emergency. Our core founders have extensive experience in the fields of emergency preparedness, fire and rescue, water planning, water management, risk assessment, and emergency plan implementation.

There is a difference when calling a regular water trucking company to provide a temporary water tank for a business. The magnitude and volume necessary for most facilities require assistance from professionals with a certain background to know the amount of water and pressure needed to create a preplanned report. The National Emergency Water team’s vast experience and training in various emergency fields qualify us as a capable company who will assess, plan, and then monitor a water plan for a business.

If you own or run any type of business, water is key, no matter what the business is. With National Emergency Water and our Water Emergency Plans, we take away the stress and worry of what might happen if your business was to have to go without water for any period of time. With us, your business with not go without water PERIOD.

Why The Name - National Emergency Water?

We think that name says it all. If a business doesn’t have water, that is most definitely an emergency, one that could shut down a business and cost you dollars, customers, and even potentially your business. When we started this company we had been working in the water delivery industry and noticed that many businesses and professional facilities didn’t have a back up water supply onsite. Then when speaking with them after an emergency occurred and we supplied water, we realized how beneficial it would be to have a water insurance policy in place would be beneficial. We thought long and hard about our name…nothing could explain what service our company provides better than just saying it like it is, National Emergency Water, your water needs is our emergency.

National Emergency Water will become your ‘LIQUID ASSET’- we will plan with your business for any incident so when something happens, your worse day ever turns into an uninterrupted pre-planned day. Call 602-429-6200 and schedule a consultation.