National Emergency Water - Our Service

National Emergency Water pre-plans with our customers for ALL water emergencies. We use metered driven data to help assess how much water is used on a daily basis. From here, we can establish an Emergency Water Contract or in better terms INSURANCE for water.

Our service is for businesses who ask themselves- Do I need on-site water at our commercial building or business site quickly when normal water flow is interrupted? We will research your metered water data to figure out the magnitude and volume that a location uses to create a strategy for your business.

National Emergency Water will use the determined data driven water numbers and create an emergency water contract. A water service contract is based on an individual companies need and could include:

  • Onsite water tanks in various sizes
  • Remote tank monitoring with our state of the art monitoring system – TankLink/SkyBitz
  • Emergency Bulk Water Delivery from our many predetermined water sources throughout the U.S.
  • Water Reports that show usage and reserves
  • Generators
  • Potable and Non-Potable Water


Most businesses don’t have back up water onsite. Our business goal is to create a Water Contingency Plan so when a business is faced with site maintenance, industrial accidents, natural disasters or a random emergency and water isn’t available-WE WILL CREATE A SOURCE OF WATER ON THE PREMISE.

National Emergency Water uses an online water measuring program called SmartTank/SkyBitz to keep track of what the water levels of onsite water tanks are measuring, the usage speed and the needed amount of water needed to keep the water source onsite at an optimal level. We work hard to keep our equipment and trucks up to regulatory standards so they pass every inspection.

We believe that the main service that National Emergency Water provides is peace of mind- we will deliver the amount of water that is predetermined immediately when an emergency on your business premises is reported. Call 602-429-6200 for further information.

*Currently offering Emergency Water Contracts in southwest United States: California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana